Here’s What Every Love Language Is Like at Home

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Here’s What Every Love Language Is Like at Home

Everyone shows love differently. The Five Love Languages, developed by counselor and author Gary Chapman, sum up the most common ways we give and receive love. Chapman’s theory is that every person has a primary “language” for loving, which is how they naturally show their affection to the people closest to them.

Curious how your roomie or partner’s love language comes out at home? Here’s how they’ll most likely show you love in your space, based on their language.

Acts of Service: Most likely to take out the trash without being asked

Acts of Service primarily expresses affection through helping or serving others. On top of stepping up week by week to clean out the fridge or take out the overflowing trash, count on Acts of Service to whip up a pair of handcrafted cocktails or cappuccinos, just because. Since this nurturing, thoughtful love language values connecting with friends and family by doing things for (and with) them, Acts of Service won’t think twice before helping you tackle the big home project you’ve been putting off—or before just doing it for you while you’re at work.

Quality Time: Most likely to cancel plans and binge Netflix with you

Even if zero words are exchanged, this love language would love nothing more than bingeing on the latest Netflix original series with you, just so you can be next to each other for two (or eight) hours straight. For a Quality Time person, love and time spent together are synonymous, so don’t be surprised if your QT roommate routinely plans out the perfect Lazy Sunday , epic mimosa fixings and all.

Giving Gifts: Most likely to bring you a pint of ice cream just because

Choosing the perfect present for someone is an art, and it’s one the Gifts love language excels at. Whether it’s your fave homemade breakfast in bed (delivered on that amazing wicker tray they gifted you for your last birthday) or a spontaneous bouquet of flowers from the kitchen table, this love language just wants you to feel seen, known, and celebrated.

Words of Affirmation: Most likely to tell you you look great in sweatpants

Words of affirmation isn’t just about dishing out compliments (though they’re admittedly great at them); this love language is also a Brené Brown-level expert in encouragement. From a much-needed pep talk over a glass of pinot to a thoughtful, handwritten note on the counter before work, Words of Affirmation is dedicated to verbalizing precisely how amazing you are.

Physical Touch: Most likely to be your human gravity blanket

Even in the most platonic of relationships, this love language knows how powerful physical connection can be. When you arrive home after a long day, Physical Touch will dole out a shoulder rub, no questions asked. Not in the mood? No worries: They’ll run you a bath with your favorite lavender epsom salts so you, too, can experience the power of feeling connected to your body.