One Way to Save Money AND Spread Love This Season (If You Start Right Now)

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One Way to Save Money AND Spread Love This Season (If You Start Right Now)

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One thing I always resolve to do every Christmas is prepare a stockpile of homemade gifts. My mind wanders considering all the options: Sacks of fresh baked cookies? Some kind of cocoa mix poured into matching jars and festooned with ribbon? Hand-painted abstract prints? The possibilities are endless. My energy and motivation? Not so much.

What ends up happening every year is after I earmark the project in my brain, I preoccupy myself with regular everyday life, and totally forget about my big plans until it’s too late to get those homemade gifts going. I end up buying gifts last minute—usually having them shipped to my door. I’m my own worst enemy.

It’s better for me, my wallet, and the environment to get my act together early and commit. And I bet many of you are in the same boat, too.

So let’s hold each other accountable, OK?

Day 10: Gather supplies to make homemade gifts.

This year, as part of the Holiday Cure, you’re going to make homemade gifts.

And to make sure you (and I) stay on track, I broke this task up into two parts. Today, you’ll plan what to make, and shop for what you need. That’s it!

If you want to make homemade gifts this year, you have to plan ahead. Even a simple effort like buying the supplies will help you commit (and save money in the long run).

Spend a little time deciding what your homemade gift should be this year. Whatever you want to make is up to you and your own craftiness ( in or outside the kitchen ). (Pinterest is, as always, ripe with ideas .) Once you have a gift in mind, get the supplies you need. Make a shopping list, set aside some time to run errands, double check the shipping dates, and check today’s Holiday Cure task off your list.

Then this weekend, you’ll sit down and start crafting!

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