Ducks and Gingham are Dead! Introducing Today’s Country Kitchen

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Ducks and Gingham are Dead! Introducing Today’s Country Kitchen

Here at Apartment Therapy, we’re always looking for the latest trends, hunting through hundreds of interiors to find what’s new and what’s next. Among our predictions for the looks that will dominate the kitchen in 2017? What we’re calling the new country kitchen.

After years of hyper-minimal kitchens, we’re seeing a swing back towards a more intricate, textured look — one that incorporates elements of the modern kitchen, like open shelving and minimal upper cabinets, but also brings in certain rustic or even traditional elements. We like to call it ‘the new country kitchen’.

The space above, from One Fine Stay , is a perfect example: the subway tile and open look of the kitchen, sans upper cabinets, are quite familiar, but the antique cabinets, which help to ground the space and add a little bit of warmth, are what really sets this room apart.

This space from Plain English , painted in a rich hunter green, also has a few other hallmarks of the new country style: antique (or antique looking) appliances, shaker cabinets, and mixed materials (the butcher block island contrasting with the marble countertop). See all our other predictions for the new colors for the kitchen here .

This kitchen from The Style Files walks a lovely line between modern and rustic. And that chandelier!

The hyper-minimal style of this kitchen from SF Girl by Bay is enhanced by the texture of the exposed brick wall.

Another favorite for the new country kitchen is soapstone countertops, seen here paired with shaker cabinets for an especially timeless look. Kitchen from Woon Stijl .

Smooth stainless and subway tile contrast beautifully with rustic wood cabinets in a kitchen from Desire to Inspire .

Wood cabinetry and a wood floor lend warmth to a simply designed kitchen form House & Home .

I love the contrast between the navy and white cabinets in this kitchen from SF Girl by Bay , and between the vintage wall cabinet and the modern stainless steel stove. The new kitchen is all about bringing together new and old elements in a way that feels timeless but also fresh.

This kitchen from Beth Kirby is one of my favorites — there are the white cabinets and marble countertops we’ve been seeing in kitchens for quite some time, updated with rustic open shelving and accessories.

A few things set this kitchen from One Kings Lane apart: the tin ceiling, the big round wall mirror, and the beautiful (and unusual) terracotta sink.

An antique work table, which serves as an island, adds warmth to this kitchen from My Scandinavian Home .

Never has a kitchen so beautifully embraced the contrast between old and new as does this one from Svenngarden . Without the antique work table all that white might read as a bit cold, but with it it’s just perfect.

This kitchen from The Country Philes , via Apartment Therapy , works dark colors and also vintage elements.

This kitchen from Carmody Groarke might be my favorite of all. The detailing of the cabinets and island are very simple — and there are no upper cabinets at all — but the texture of the woodwork lends the space a warm glow. Together with the tile floor, the wood cabinets are the perfect choice for this soaring, minimal space.