Creative releases five-speaker Bluetooth Roar

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Creative releases five-speaker Bluetooth Roar

While Bluetooth speakers are a convenient and easy way to listen to music, the fact is that most of them are a little under-powered and a bit weedy. Creative is aiming to change that with its high-end Roar.

On sale now for £130, the Roar has five drivers powered by two amplifiers, and Creative is claiming that this is no ordinary speaker. It's not just about the number of speakers, though, it's their placement and design, with Creative creating the Roar to produce room-filling sound.

Far-field high frequency front-firing drivers project audio further than other similar-size drivers, letting you pick up fine detail even a good distance away from the speaker. Two high frequency drivers are front firing, while the active bass and mid-range driver are both top firing, which Creative says helps create a more immersive soundscape.

Although it's got all of this kit built in, the Roar is still designed to be small and portable. Weighing 1.1kg and measuring 57x202x115mm, it's small enough to carry around both inside and out.

USB and analog audio inputs are available, but Bluetooth gives you a more convenient and easy way to connect to the Roar. It supports three modes of operation. Default Mode only allows two devices to pair with the Roar, so you always have control of it; Friendly Access Mode lets any device that has previously paired with it control it; Free-for-all mode leaves the Roar in discoverable mode, so that anyone can connect to it at any time.

Bog-standard Bluetooth audio isn't the highest quality, so it's good to see that Creative also supports the high-quality AptX standard. You'll need a smartphone or tablet that supports the codec, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5; you can check out the list of AptX compatible devices for further information. With its attractive case, the Roar certainly looks the part and we can't wait to get our hands on a review sample soon.