5 Ways to Be Better with Money in 2019

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5 Ways to Be Better with Money in 2019

It’s official: 2019 is here and it’s time to get your money right. We called on Priya Malani, co-founder of Stash Wealth , a financial planning firm for millennials, for advice on how to better handle our money in the New Year. From setting up a different savings account to signing up for automatic withdrawals, here are five money-savvy tips to jumpstart your 2019 financial goals.

1. Move your savings account to an online bank

“By moving your savings account to a different bank than your checking account,” Malani explains, “It will be much less tempting to move your ‘savings’ right back to your checking account to use it to pay bills! Did we mention that online banks pay a higher rate of interest (a.k.a. your money works harder for you)?”

2. Save with purpose

Whether you’re saving up for a thing or an experience, Malani says the trick to saving successfully is to know what you’re saving for. “Set a financial goal for yourself (i.e. move out of your roommate situation, upgrade your college couch, book a fancy wine tasting excursion in Napa, etc.) to help inspire and motivate your money-saving endeavors.”

3. Automate your financial life

“Now that you’re saving with a purpose,” Malani says, “It’s time to automate that sh*t. Set up a recurring withdrawal from your savings account so it’s happening automatically and you can’t f*@k with it. Don’t leave your financial goals up to chance.”

4. Blow your money guilt-free

“Once you’re saving with a purpose and saving (or paying down debt) automatically, remember that whatever’s left in your checking account is yours to blow—guilt-free!” Explains Malani, “You never have to ask ‘Can I afford this?’ because if the money’s there, you’ll know you can!”

5. Use your credit card… for everything

“But pay off your bill in full each month,” says Malani. “Don’t trust yourself—sign up for Debitize (it’s free) and it uses the money in your checking account to pay your credit card bill off on your behalf. No easier way to rack up those rewards points without getting into debt.”